Knitting machinery is becoming more and more high-end发布时间:2015-03-24 | 信息来源:叶晓针织机械


      With the continuous improvement of people's demand for knitted products and the gradual strengthening of the trend of textile industry towards refinement and deep processing, knitted products have gradually appeared the characteristics of underwear outerwear and fashionable clothing. The diversified demand of knitting products has brought great development space for knitting machinery. At present, knitting machinery is developing towards the direction of high speed, high efficiency, intelligence, high precision, diversification, differentiation, easy operation, easy maintenance, good stability and high reliability.

      It is still necessary to strengthen the further development of computer technology to make the application of electronic jacquard technology in large circular machine more and more popular. At present, the electronic jacquard technology has been successfully applied to the single side jacquard great circle machine, double side jacquard great circle machine, as well as the multi-functional jacquard great circle machine, jacquard wool ring machine and other knitting equipment combined with the coil shifting, line adjusting and warp lining. In the ITMA ASIA CITME 2010 exhibition held recently, the double-sided four-tone/six-tone thread knitting machine launched by Quanzhou Baiyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the newly developed international level computer color selection control system, which has the characteristics of accurate color selection time and higher stability. This machine adopts the unique heart design on the direct-type top plate, effectively reduces the braiding resistance, the highest speed reaches 22 RPM.

      About expert introduction, at present a lot of weft knitting big round machine operation control panel of computer control degree than before improved a lot, the user can use PC computer to carry on the input of production program, complete the task such as the preparation of braiding pattern, production data management and analysis. Some large circular machines can not only feed back the real-time operating parameters and fault analysis of the equipment, but also input some technical process and production instructions through the equipment control panel.

      Although the rapid progress of the great round machine is surprising, it is still an undeniable fact that there are still some gaps in the precision of the mechanical processing made by the domestic great round machine and the level of electromechanical integration. These gaps are mainly reflected in the fine degree of needle spacing of the great round machine, the smooth running speed of the large barrel diameter circular weft machine and the automatic control and other aspects. At the same time, the domestic knitting equipment manufacturing industry in the introduction of advanced components and the fusion of domestic ordinary part there is still a certain gap, sometimes the equipment components configuration is not reasonable, in turn, affects the quality of the whole machine and in the operation of the equipment vibration and noise caused by large, prone to occur wear long period of time, in turn, affects process position, and so on and so forth. In order to strengthen the international standards, always aim at the forefront of international development, great round machine production enterprises have to improve the automation level of domestic equipment and other aspects of more time and effort.

      Seamless underwear machine, due to the absence of side seam breakage, has a stronger elasticity than the sewing clothing, especially suitable for weaving underwear and close-fitting sportswear. This kind of clothing is favored by the majority of consumers because there is no sense of pressure and discomfort.

      At present, seamless underwear body shows a high degree of mechatronics, adapt to a variety of yarn ability gradually enhanced, more suitable for computer aided design functions and other development trends. Song Guangli, a professor at the Textile College of Tianjin University of Technology, told reporters that Italy's Santoni, a foreign exhibitor of seamless underwear machines, exhibited four machines at this year's ITMA ASIA CITME 2010, including three single-sided machines and one double-sided machine. SM8TR1 is a single-side lap shifting machine, each path has 3 needle selection points, 2 needle selection points are used for 3-position needle weaving, and 1 needle selection point is used for needle shifting, so that single-side lap shifting mesh can be woven. Jumbo Chroma is a product of Shengge Co., LTD. It has 8 channels for yarn feeding, 2 needle points for each channel and 7 feeding nobs. In addition to other features of seamless underwear machines, Jumbo Chroma has a high machine number of 40 needles /25.4mm, which is the highest seamless underwear machine number available. One double-sided machine on display is SM9-MFS, with 8 ways of weaving and 4 ways of shifting, which can be converted into 12 ways of weaving when there is no need of shifting. These devices have a high level of intelligence and automation.

      The computer flat knitting piece of cloth after the machine found that the length of both sides of the piece is different, do not look carefully, do not see the obvious density is not uniform, in fact long side density is loose, short side density is tight, such a phenomenon we become inclined pieces or pull the flag, the length side.